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[1.3.8] There is no explanation for "Arbitrary Turret Slots" in the game. And a small word of feedback.


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The keyword is "Arbitrary".

The status of the ship is "Free Arbitrary Turrets" or "Arbitrary Turret Slots".

However, the system upgrade is different.

. /data/scripts/systems/arbitrarytcs.lua:
. /data/scripts/systems/teleporterkey2.lua:
. /data/scripts/systems/teleporterkey5.lua:

"Armed or Unarmed Turret Slots" and "Adds slots for armed and unarmed turrets".
All-round Turret Control System".
There is no "Arbitrary" here.It's not in the encyclopedia.
It's a little confusing.


*The problem with "RAW-" and "R-”.

This is a keyword that the developer's translator got wrong, but there has been a small problem with it before.

In many games, the mining laser mines ore.
A salvage laser extracts scrap.
I think that is probably the most common image.

However, in AVORION, the refining laser is the oldest first weapon.The only one.
it is the oldest, it did not need a prefix.

The RAW-laser is one of the newest weapons.
There were already mining lasers and salvage lasers.
So it got a special prefix, right?

This is different from the general image that is easy for new users to understand.
To make the game easier to understand, can this prefix be reset?

Getting ore "mining laser". (old RAW-mining laser)
Getting scrap "salvage laser". (old RAW - salvageing laser)

Ref-(R-,Refining) mining laser" to get material .(old mining laser).
Ref-(R-,Refining) salvageing laser" to get material.(old salvage laser).

I think this is easy to understand for new users.


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