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  • Developer

After performing well on the beta branch, patch 1.3.8 is now live on default! It introduces Japanese and French as officially supported languages and brings several quality-of-life improvements and stability improvements.

"As our community is growing all over the world, we want to support more languages. In this patch we happily introduce the new supported languages of French and Japanese."

  • Added French localization
  • Added Japanese localization


  • Torpedo shafts can now fire when not assigned to a group
  • Reduced default size of damage numbers
  • Improved performance of durability weakness effects
  • Improved performance of line break algorithm
  • Implemented a setting for servers to enforce steam networking and not fall back to TCP protocols

Scripting API

  • Implemented a prototype functionality to enumerate all values in an Enum
  • Enums can now be converted to a table via enumerate() (ie. BlockType.enumerate())

"As always, bugs marked with [UBR] are User Bug Reports, submitted through our in-game bug tracker. Thanks very much for helping and keep 'em coming!"

  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where all players end up in the same sector once 3000+ players are registered
  • Fixed an issue where safe mode was always on (even when turned off) when transforming a shipyard-requiring block into a non-shipyard requiring block without a shipyard in the sector
  • Fixed an issue where colors weren't correctly translated in building mode
  • Fixed an issue where hyperspace engine didn't go on cooldown properly when changing reach
  • Fixed an issue where upgrades of ships could disappear through breaking blocks
  • Fixed an issue where clicking coordinates in chat was possible while mouse was visible or obscured by windows
  • Fixed an issue where the Hermit Dialog wasn't shown when another player already spawned Swoks in that sector
  • Fixed an issue where Exodus Mission wasn't updating correctly
  • Fixed a crash in /run command when called from RCON or console
  • Fixed a crash when saving script data of players
  • Fixed an issue where players could leave the ship into the drone while building in tutorial
  • Fixed a GPU memory leak
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Japanese localization (JP.PO) is riddled with errors and problems. Can it be improved?
I have checked all the beta localization files.
I found 9839 sentences.
JP.PO was a copy of the community translation.
It was a downgraded copy with Literal translation.
It has been revamped.
It was a copy of the community translation, with many additional issues that were not in the community translation.
Or it was a copy of the community translation, again adding many problems that the community translation solved.
I have given feedback on issues that need to be fixed immediately in the beta.
It's a tiny part of the problem.


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