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Just lost an advanced trading module to upgrading my ship?

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New player fumbling my way through things.   Paid for an hour of scrapping on my old newbie ship and found an advanced trading module.   Suddenly I could easily calculate trade profits and in my excitement I decided to change my ship design to a dedicated cargo ship.

Long story short... after two hours of fucking around in the builder to make a ~7x10x20 cargo ship the moment I completed my ship the module exited my ship, declared I had two minutes to pick it up and refused to let me pick it up before it disappeared.

Seriously contemplating quitting this darn game over this...

Is there some sort of list of "unexpectedly bending players over" tidbits somewhere or can I expect many many more of these "fuck this game" moments?

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That seems really frustrating. 

Unfortunately, outside of cheats (i.e. giving yourself a really good trading upgrade), there is no way to retrieve it.

I do think you're on an older version of the game, though - usually it gives you 30 seconds or so of cooldown before you can pick up items again.

sincerely feel sorry for you; I know how much grind scrapping is.

However, not all hope is lost!

The main thing that a (high level) trading upgrade does is tell you when you can sell your good for increased price and in which sector.

Any person can easily replicate the most important aspect of that (buying low, selling high) by just writing down how much they bought it for and then jumping around all the adjacent systems trying to find a specific station to sell their goods to. Hopefully, that station will have a shortage of a good when you sell, and a surplus of a good when you buy,

It's messy, but it works.

To find which stations buy / sell which goods, the Avorion wiki (https://avorion.fandom.com/wiki/Goods) is very helpful. To find whatever good you're looking for, just press 'Command + F" and you can search the page for a specific title.


I hope that's some consolation...


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I really do encourage you to stick with it; there are a ton of experiences in the game which are hugely rewarding.

I would recommend (to smooth your progression as much as possible), that you make a second ship and hire a Captain. They're a special type of crew member who aren't necessary, but do help a ton because they allow you to place your ships under AI command and order them around from afar.

Basically, all you have to do is

1.) Search around for a station that you can hire a Captain from (in the crew tab). Make sure you put the slider all the way to the right, otherwise it won't hire them.

2.) Switch to your first ship and enter 'Map' view, then click on the round icon in the upper right, or, if you're both in the same sector, just select and press F to interact with them.

3.) A big list of options will drop down, all being actions the AI can enact. Just mouse over them to find out what they all do. The most important will be "Mine" and "Salvage", though.

4.) When you order them to Mine / Salvage (if you remembered to stick mining/salvaging lasers on the ship), the AI Captain will proceed to mine every single asteroid / salvage every wreck in their sector, one after the other, until they send you a message: [ship name] Can't Find Any More Asteroids (or wrecks) in Sector [x.y]!


TL;DR, This means that while you do all the interesting stuff, such as trading, fighting, or building, you will be gaining a steady supply of ores, materials, scrap, and (hopefully) systems upgrades.

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