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Ship Setback

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Hello there,


anyone have an Idea how i can fix this:

I visited a Station within a Sector (outside barrier) i weren't in for like 3 days via "quicktravel" over the Map, i build a new Ship there and wanted to setup a trading route. The Sector got attacked by pirates and i wanted to bring my main ship to the Secor, that were inside the barrier at this point. I used my 1 Key to quickly find it on the map and it showed up only a couple Sector's away. I was confused and checked the "i" tab. After that i called the Ship in to defeat the Pirate's and saw that the weapons changed. After defeating them i saw that my Ship got seted back around 2-3 days of progression ! All my ware's were gone, easyly around 100-200 million credits worth, maybe more, all weapons and upgrades were gone aswell. I dont even have all Artifacts anymore. All other Ships seem to be uneffected and still on the same standing like they should.

It would be sad knowing that all this time was wasted and have to farm the upgrades and weapons again. But maybe i should just stop playing until 2.0 and wait for fixes...




clientlog 2021-05-31 02-33-06.txt serverlog 2021-05-31 02-33-47.txt

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