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New opportunity/random event: secured transports


Secured transports would be very large, strong and heavily escorted cargo ships that have dozens of secured containers docked to them. Secured transports appearing in faction space would be owned by the dominant faction in the area, and secured transports outside faction space would be owned either by pirates or smugglers.

Secured transports could come in various specialized types:

-Credit transport: Containers are full of credits.

-Equipment transport: Containers are full of high rarity upgrade modules.

-Weapon transport: Containers are full of torpedoes (requires them to be droppable as loot) and unique legendary turrets in larger quantities.

-Material transport: Containers are filled with large amounts of ores or materials of the region, as well as building knowledge for that material tier (2.0 progression system)

-Prisoner transport: Containers house trained crew members and captains (2.0 captains)

Destroying the transport would be required to gain access to the containers, and they can then be hacked open either with hacking modules (DLC) or taking the containers to a smuggler outpost. If hacking is attempted with a hacking module, it will alert the owners of the container to investigate.

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