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Loop command does not return to first order

Lt. Derp

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When issuing the loop command, it will loop back to whatever command the ship is currently executing(highlighted green) rather than the first command in the chain; is that the intended behavior? It makes it so I have to position my ship far enough away from the first command that it does not complete it before I click loop. Fast tasks such as buying from a station with transporter software tend to be done before I can finish chaining the rest of the commands in the loop.

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Above screenshot is an example where I could not enter all the trade commands in time, so the loop command is going back to order 2(Buy 500 coal) instead of order 1(Buy 500 ore). Note that when pausing the game, orders do not appear in the queue until the game is unpaused.

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Hey o/ in fact i saw that WHEN you order the Loop , it return to ACTUAL task (the green one) ! 😄 A suggestion to be able to select where to return in 1 auto should be nice 😄. So you need to launch something in 1st place (i do jump from other system usually) then all your orders fast to loop at end.

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