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Server on slowmo


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My brother and I have setup a Dedicated server on a separate PC. PC specs: i7-10700, ram 40gb, GPU RTX 3900, Wired to router/modem combo. 200mb download/20mb upload internet. Using Steamcmd to update and host server. Server at first startup is fine with no lag or latency. Sectors with large groups of wreckages cause lag and loss of fighters. During Xsotan invasion causes challenges to even control ships.  Does having a hard drive instead of SSD make a difference?


Server.ini changes

Wreckages last much longer in sectors

system and turret storage increased to  1 million

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  Does having a hard drive instead of SSD make a difference?

Not in my experience. 

back in 1.x I ran a server using RAMDISK.  Other than sector loading time (and me forgetting to copy back the data before power down) I didn't see a difference.  This makes sense because the game keeps sectors in memory and only occasionally saves them to disk, so other than loading time your disk shouldn't matter.

OTOH increasing system/turret storage to 1 million will wreck you.

The illegal cargo scan code will loop over everything in your inventory looking for licenses. 
It doesn't even stop once it finds a license, and it doesn't remember that it just did it for a different 'scanning' ship, or even that your escort would have the exact same inventory as you.

So the number of loops over your entire inventory equals:

So if there are 3 scanning ships in sector, and you have 3 escorts:
3 x 3 = 9

So every scan time period it will inspect your player's entire inventory 9 times.

PS: Wreckages are also very heavy as each separate bit has to be tracked and updated.


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