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  • Boxelware Team

It's crazy how time flies! It’s been a whole year already since Avorion left Early Access!


We are super happy with how things have been going! That’s why we have a little surprise for you:


Update 2.0 will introduce massive changes that will fundamentally improve many aspects of the game:

  • New progression system in which players acquire building knowledge of the various materials 

  • New “Classic Avorion” scenario without the new progression

  • Fully configurable “Free Play” scenario

  • Captains with specialized talents and personalities

  • Improved AI orders to send your ship to go mining, trading, scouting and more

  • Improved UI visuals

  • Improvements to the independent targeting mechanics

  • Many QOL improvements like less micro management, easier traveling to far away sectors and crew management, autopilots, many balancing changes, UI improvements like a sector overview that shows available missions, goods and crew members of all stations, and many more!

Update 2.0 will improve game mechanics that might not feel perfect at the moment. Many of these changes will make Avorion feel like a new game, that is why the title of the update will be “Avorion Update 2.0”.

More details about the specific changes will be coming over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


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  • Boxelware Team
On 5/22/2021 at 12:50 PM, deep said:


Official translation site has had a critical WordPress error for a long time.

File cannot be exported with "All current" option in all tabs.

We are already working on that :)!

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I’ve been away for awhile, but hearing about 2.0, I decided to catch up on the patch notes and the changes and planned stuff for 2.0, and it was enough to bring me back.


That said, I know you all have been posting more about 2.0 on the Steam forums than here, and one of the things I remember reading had to do with reducing hyperspace cool down times (again).


I’m not even going to bother with discussing about this now, especially seems I don’t know the exact details. I will ask, though, that with the revamp of hyperspace, if you could make the times moddable.  That way you can please both sides.

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