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So I've played Avorion for awhile. I ended up taking a long break after many frustrations when it came to faction relations which made the game very frustrating. One thing I found the most frustrating was actually boarding stations. It takes an extremely long time to do and offers very few rewards. I personally boarded them to repurpose them. Due to the fact that there is no option to actually reconstruct the facility it takes away the fun in it. What I mean is when you blast down their hull HP to actually board them, you obviously break off sections / parts of the station. I think it would be amazing if there was an option actually entirely reconstuct the station, having it restored to its previous glory before you blew it apart.

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There need to be other perks for boarding stations as well. 

You already get to "keep without it being stolen" whatever is onboard, but getting to take crew as prisoners would be a perk.

Additionally, if you take over a station, your notoriety is improved/increased, and if you're at war with the faction you just took the station from, you have a constant risk of being attacked by that faction until a cease fire or peace treaty is established. Make it hard to hold it.




I realized I can't build a Scrapyard station (to scrap turrets).

So I tried to take one.

Well I can't do that either.

I want my scrapyard next to my turret factory. 😐

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