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The Tankium Federation

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The flag and emblem used by the Tankium Federation


The Tankium Federation is an intergalactic superpower, wielding some of the most advanced technology around. We are therefore an extremely powerful faction, such is the power that comes with very advanced technology. 

We arm our starships with variable weapon hardpoints, to have the possibility of equipping ships for any mission. For example, if the target has a lot of shield, powerful Thunder Cannons can be fitted. If a different mission requires the ship to defeat large numbers of smaller foes, the Thunder cannons can be easily taken off and replaced with Nano Shredder Vulcan M72s.

Another advantage for advanced technology, is that we can basically materialize matter just by using large amounts of pure energy, and obtain energy from de-materializing matter.  1 kg of scrap metal can be quickly and easily converted into 1 kg of anything else. This is called matter-energy manipulation and has a huge variety of uses such as quickly producing ammo from scrap, obtaining obscene amounts of energy to power very power-hungry weapons such as the Starlight Energy Chisel, repairing ships very cheaply and quickly or even building entire new ships from very cheap resources.

We jump from galaxy to galaxy, eliminating xsotans, pirates, corrupt factions and other immoral causes, to make each galaxy a better place for its inhabitants. This is our goal; making the entire Avorion universe a peaceful one. However, there are so many different galaxies, that not even our power can destroy every threat.

We are also a very proud faction. We have been known to declare war on some factions for making fun of us.

Other Information

IMPORTANT: most ships and turrets i build use parts built by other people, such as Steam user Two-Hands electronics and Black Disciple's Terran Republic radars. Also many turrets i build have a limit of 500 blocks instead of 250 blocks (the default limit). To change the limit, open the file explorer and go to Users/(your user here)/Appdata/Roaming/Avorion/galaxies/(insert your galaxy name you want to change the limit on here)/server.ini and change MaximumBlocksPerTurret to 500 (or whatever you want your limit to be, set to -1 for no limit) DO NOT touch anything else, unless you know what your doing! (or do this on a new galaxy. Either is fine).

If you have any comments or feedback, say so in the comments
I also want to come up with an origins story, but theres no ETA on this.
i will edit this page every so often as i build new things

Also I am very active on the official Avorion discord, feel free to ping me (Tankium#9119) whenever.
I hope you enjoy my builds as much as i do!


Ultimatum Class Corvette

The Ultimatum is very heavily armed for its size. It uses 8 large weapon hardpoints and 12 smaller weapon hardpoints. In these images, it has been fitted with 4 Oblivion Assault Guns, 4 Thunder Cannons and 12 Hydra Double Barrel Railguns. Due to its size, its also fast and maneuverable. This makes it effective at taking out larger ships. But also, due to its many different weapons, it can take on large groups of enemy ships too. Each weapon fires on a different enemy.

Trebuchet Class Deep Space Railcannon

The Trebuchet is a giant railgun with an entire starship built around it. The railgun is immensely powerful, capable of propelling a 2 gigaton slug very close to the speed of light (about 0.74c). It is this power that has become a symbol of the firepower of our faction. It is strong enough to obliterate even the biggest of ships across an entire galaxy with pinpoint accuracy. However, it must reload at a station for several hours before being able to fire again.



Boson Class Destroyer

An incredibly fast and powerfully armed destroyer. These screenshots show it armed with (form front to back): Lance Cannon (the coaxially mounted one), Paladin Assault Laser, Thunder Cannon, Oblivion Assault Gun, Hydra Double Barrel Railgun, Photon Missile. They can also communicate to one another very effectively, so its able to coordinate its firepower on multiple enemy ships at once.
The biggest engine was built by Black Disciple.


Muon Neutrino


The Muon Neutrino is a fighter armed with a powerful for its size laser cannon. Its also quite fast, being a fighter.


Vector Scout


A scout ship that can defend itself with 2 coaxially mounted laser cannons. Cheap, and uses powerful communications equipment, it is a very effective scout. Cloaking technology is being researched which would make it a far better scout.


Oblivion Assault Gun


The legendary Oblivion Assault Gun. The oldest weapon still in use, it will continue to be used for a good while. It is incredibly powerful and mounted on a floatation device. This makes it far more responsive than almost any other weapon. The laser cannon can reliably tear a hole in almost anything. Powerful, responsive, fast, cheap, relatively low power consumption. No wonder why its the bread and butter of firepower. And for when its not enough, they have been upgraded into many variations including the Super Oblivion Assault Gun and Red Oblivion Assault Gun.
(note from the creator: the Oblivion Assault Gun is the first ever turret i built using the dark grey and dodger blue glow style. Almost everything i build, and everything here in this thread owes its existence to this turret.)

Super Oblivion Assault Gun


The Oblivion Assault Gun but it has 2 extra shards, to channel more energy. This makes it much more powerful but turns slightly slower, uses more power and more expensive to produce. Still a solid piece of kit. More often used against larger ships than smaller ones.

Red Oblivion Assault Gun


Oblivion Assault Gun made with different technology. The Red variant causes less massive holes in enemy ships, and more fire and explosions, basically. On par with the original Oblivion Assault Gun. Also capable of melting enemy ships altogether depending on its size and the amount of time the weapon fires on it (like my pun? that was unintended).


Hydra Double Barrel Railgun


A powerful railgun with 2 barrels. These are commonly used to make big holes in shieldless things. Shields can be annihilated by the powerful Thunder Cannon.


Nano Shredder Vulcan M72


Probably the first ever turret built specifically for a legendary turret, the Nano Shredder Vulcan M72 is still the only turret that goes over my personal limit of 500 blocks. One of the more recent and high tech weapons of the Federation, it does not fire lasers, plasma or bullets but instead it launches nanobots to enemy ships. These nanobots are capable of moving from gun to enemy ship, even homing in on the enemy ship very effectively. Nanobots do not explode but instead cooperatively tear the ship apart. Depending on the target, only a few nanobots are needed to tear a small ship to shreds. This makes it a powerful choice for both denying massive groups of small enemies, and for shredding even capital ships, over a much longer period of time. As the nanobots just fly through shields, shields will not help against this weapon.
oh, and the ship in the background is Sathaerz's Scylla but painted blue (normally its green)
oh, and sorry about forgetting to hit F8 before taking the middle screenshot (F8 hides the UI).


Photon Missile


The Photon missile is named so due to its high velocity, high energy, high explosive missiles. When one of these missiles strike an enemy ship, it causes ionization in atoms in enemy armor. This weakens  or destroys chemical bonds in enemy armor. New missiles are materialized after they are fired. Used against fast or well armored enemy targets, to weaken enemy armor to make it far more vulnerable. A force to be reckoned with.


Thunder Cannon


The primary shield shredder of the Federation. Very powerful, but does not cause as much damage to hull. Its powerful discharges come from the large array of Van De Graf generators, which produce electrical charge using friction.
the resulting blast consists of huge numbers of electrons, which shields just cannot cope with.


Paladin Assault Laser


The Paladin is a more powerful laser cannon than the oblivion Assault Gun. However, it is far more expensive and less responsive. Used when very powerful lasers are required instead of cheaper, less powerful lasers.


Annihilator Plasma Cannon


A slow, high power, high recoil plasma cannon used by larger ships such as battlecruisers. Its 4 barrels carry huge amounts of firepower. The many searing bolts of plasma are bound to cause apocalyptic destruction on anything slower than a destroyer. Its slow turning, high recoil and low velocity are unsuitable for use on, or against, smaller ships.


Devastator Heavy Laser


A very powerful, experimental and high power laser. It is also very responsive but still rarely used due to being very expensive and still in its testing phase. They have been used in combat with great success however, at least on ships that has not drained their entire energy storage while firing. Until recently, not enough have been built to significantly change any wars.


Starlight Energy Chisel


The starlight. One of the strongest weapons produced by the Federation. It is capable of easily tearing entire ships, as well as huge energy reserves, in half in mere seconds. Its coaxially mounted unfortunately.

Dang, i forgot to hit F8 again.


Lance Cannon


Another laser, this time its used on the Boson Class Destroyer and is coaxially mounted. Powerful for its size.

Newton Force Laser


Another laser cannon. But wait, this is the most unusual one of the lot. It does not make holes, melt enemy armour, shoot nanobots or... anything, really. But what it does do, is exert forces on enemy ships. It also has 2 modes, repulsion and attraction. Also smaller ships are thrown around significantly more than larger ships. When used strategically, it can change the outcome of an entire battle. Also, because it does not cause damage, it can be used to manipulate friendly ships.
Some strategies include throwing asteroids at enemy carriers, causing collision damage which ignores shields. Throwing allied ramming ships into enemy lines, and then making it retreat with ludicrous speed when its damaged. Force could be applied to the ends of enemy ships, throwing off its aim. Imaginative and creative military officers can use this power to turn an entire war in their favor.

Graviton Cannon


A responsive, accurate and powerful cannon, the Graviton continues the tradition of building floating turrets. The Graviton is an unusual take on this, however, as the cannon is held on by a ring. This gives it more stability and accuracy.

One of the few turrets that's less than 250 blocks.



Project Trinity

The Trinity is a large nuclear weapon missile. Capable of sending a nuke to another galaxy to devastate a whole sector including its planets. Unfortunately, as the launcher goes well into the hull, the ship must be built specifically to use it. It cannot be swapped out easily like other weapons can. Also it has an impressively slow fire rate.



Shredder Chaingun


Each round from this chaingun is not very powerful. Despite this, prolonged fire with this turret can tear almost anything smaller than large ships to shreds. Unlike most the other weapons of our faction (apart from lasers), this has an incredibly high rate of fire. Like, ridiculously high. The muzzle flashes make the turret resemble a flamethrower. Sure, the turret is slow to turn but it needs to be very stable otherwise it would rarely land any hits.




The Future

And, of course, the biggest of the biggest, the best of the best. Project Cataclysm is the single biggest ship ever built by the Federation. Well, actually its under construction. While it is not complete, it is already causing all but the toughest enemy captains to tremble in fear. A 7 km monster, filled with the most advanced technology available to any faction, with a ludicrously powerful superweapon mounted on it, dubbed the Synchrotron. The Synchrotron is fully operational and able to tear planets, stars and even black holes to shreds. It fires huge streams of positrons. The Federation are even experimenting with homing in on enemy ships, using magnet mounted fighters to deflect the positrons. Federation officials predict that eventually hundreds of Cataclysm Class Supercarriers will be built, as shipyards and building methods improve.
Another technology that is being discussed is a perpetual motion machine. They will generate huge amounts of power for no cost at all. Coupled with matter-energy manipulation, these will enable Federation starships to fly indefinitely, without service or repair, constantly on missions far from the ships home base.
Despite these massively powerful technologies, the final goal will always lie way in the future, virtually unreachable, due to the fact there are so many galaxies and xsotans.


The Synchrotron


(no Cataclysm pics as its not done yet)



Thanks to everyone who has read through this thread! And as i said earlier, if anyone has any comments or feedback, say them.

Edited by Tankium
New turret turned up (Shredder Chaingun)

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