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Ships calling for help die too fast

Hello There


The event where a merchant ship is being attacked by a few pirates is a neat idea. However currently the pirates kill the ship way too fast. You do not have a chance to defeat the pirates. The ship dies before you can even see where the event spawned in the sector. It'd be helpful if you had a little more time to actually fight the pirates.

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This is pretty easily solvable via script. All the devs would have to do is something like this:

local hpFactor = 10 --Or another appropriate number.
if math.random() < 0.5 then
	traderShip = ShipGenerator.createTradingShip(traderFaction, MatrixLookUpPosition(-dir, vec3(0, 1, 0), traderPos))
	traderShip = ShipGenerator.createFreighterShip(traderFaction, MatrixLookUpPosition(-dir, vec3(0, 1, 0), traderPos))
local traderDurability = Durability(traderShip)
if traderDurability then traderDurability.maxDurabilityFactor = (traderDurability.maxDurabilityFactor or 0) + hpFactor end
traderShip:registerCallback("onDestroyed", "onTraderShipDestroyed")


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