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[Mod] Avorion Commands Package (/inventory, /crew, /sethome and more)


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Avorion Community Commands Package

This mod is currently outdated, please use it with caution.

Sadly for now I don't have enough time to sit down and release new version of this package, sorry. I'm planning to update it but the date is unknown.



This package contains commands for use of server administrators and general use of players. All commands are meant to be server-side only to avoid incompatibility with clients and make it easier to install and use on servers.


Package repository is hosted on github. We are open for any kind of contribution. Further details available on github page.




Adds or removes crew to currently boarded ship. Usage:

/crew help or /crew for help

/crew add <profession> [rank] [level] [amount]

/crew fill

/crew clear


/inventory also: /inv

Modifies inventory of a player. Usage:

/inventory turret <type> [rarity] [material] [tech] [amount]

/inventory upgrade <script> [rarity] [amount]



Prints price of currently boarded ship. Usage: /price



Allows player to change home sector to current if friendly or own station is present. Usage: /sethome



Gets the position of a player. Usage: /whereis <name>



Lists possible variables for /inventory or /crew. Usage:

/list <type>

/list help or /list for help.



Adds goods to currently boarded ship. Usage:

/agoods <good name> <quantity>


Must capitalize all names

Must replace spaces with _(underscore)

Can not add more then your hold can handle


/agood Steel 100

/agood Steel_Tube 10



Adds a fighter to the payers hanger. Usage:

/fighter add <weapons> [rarity] [material] [tech]




│       crew.lua
│       inv.lua
│       inventory.lua
│       list.lua
│       price.lua
│       sethome.lua
│       whereis.lua
│       agoods.lua
│       fighter.lua
│       common.lua
│       materials.lua
│       professions.lua
│       ranks.lua
│       rarities.lua
│       upgrades.lua
│       weapons.lua



You can download current package from GitHub: download link.

Once you have downloaded and unpacked, move scripts/ directory into your <Avorion>/data/ directory.


If you plan to host a public server with some of these commands available for players/moderators/other groups, you will need to configure admin.xml located in your galaxy root directory.


If you want you can clone it into <Avorion>/data. and then use git for updating.



Suggestions for new commands, feedback, bug reports or pull requests are welcome. Enjoy!

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/sethome one worked though I could not figure out the other 2. There is no help command in game for them if you just use their base command, etc.


There is /help <command name>. But I guess I could include more information on how to use them.

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If you are in the install directory of the game you should put them into the places as specified in the lines below each "Files:" in the top post.

You can navigate to the install directory from your steam library. Right-click on avorion and click Properties->Local Files -> Browse Local Files.

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For the /sethome command it seems as if the server has it but not the client, then nothing happens.

I have just tested it and it worked. Client had no scripts from /sethome and server had all of them configured and it worked just fine. Did you allow default group to use this command? Or did log/console show anything?

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I got the /turret working, but the /system command yields nothing. /system help sends "You have been give (a) system upgrade (s)."


Any ideas?


EDIT: The formatting in turret.lua after pasting it was a mess for me. After re-copying the code from the source I get (when typing /turret help) "You have been given (a) turret (s)." + the type of turret I last added. I can still add turrets with /turret 1 1 1 1 RosyUnicorn.


EDIT2: And to add further clarity, I am also copy / pasting the examples in the first post. Even if I missed the order, I still find it intriguing that I get a weird response from /system help, and that /turret help gives more turrets, without specifying player even.

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Oh we taking requests :P I like to see all these ;)


Yeah, because giving permissions to debug panel and attaching it to every creative ship, especially on multiplayer is a great idea. ;)

The whole idea of this commands is to make them manageable via `admin.xml` and give proper rights to selected groups of players. Another nice thing is that they are server-side only, so you can have custom commands on the server without players downloading them.


Hello~ Would you mind making a lua file to download? I have no clue how to implement this into the game file  :(

Once the package will have good amount of commands or steam workshop will be available.

For now, just download the files listed in first post with e.g. RMB > "Save link as..." and then just put them to the paths listed also in the first post. You can get to the root of Avorion via Steam. In library, Avorion properties > Local files > Browse local files.

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Just having 1 difficulty currently, I got admin privileges dished out on my server(took way to long to get that working D:) however the custom commands say that I do not have the privileges of using them even though I'm an admin, how do I fix this?


Edit: False called, realised I had to go into the server.xml in the Avorion galaxy folder inside the %appdata% area and then edit and manually put in the commands into that file under moderator.

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All these just get put into the steamfolder of Avorion correct? I seem to have turrets and system upgrades working, but crew fill doesn't work. Also are these for singleplayer, or does it work multiplayer too?


-edit Found my problem, i forgot to save the cmd crew file as lua. Wonder scripts, makes testing stuff out nice and simple.

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I have merged /system and /turret into one command /inventory which I will later expand with remove/copy/clear options. I want to make /crew similar, so you can add selected crewmen.


I have also noted need of /warp or /wormhole, command for fast travel across galaxy, but I didn't have time to play around with it, sadly.

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