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Easier Mod Management


Currently, I'm in the process of disabling all the mods I had installed for Avorion and I have to disable dependent mods before disabling the parent mods.  This is taking awhile, and I have the following suggestions:

1)  Add a "disable/enable all" toggle for mods. 
2)  Option for selection and deselction of mod families - so if you disable a parent mod, it will also disable all the child mods.
3)  Persistent scrollbar:  when your mods list long enough for a scrollbar, it returns you to the top of the list which gets very annoying to have to scroll back where you were and uncheck just one more mod.  Click & scroll, click and scroll gets old very quickly.  🙂

Still can't wait to try out the new DLC  because I'm slow with these things!

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I'd like to also throw in the suggestion to make the top where it says the mod name and id to be clickable, and sort the list by whichever you click. Like you'd expect from a list like that.

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