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Game engagement => retention.



make the game a bit more engaging somehow ... for some reason when I left my kids try to play it they said it's quite dull for the first few hours (somehow punching wood in another game is not ) probably make the NPC ships interact with the player ship a bit more proactively say random npc just entering conversation randomly themselves or stuff like that ... approaching you in some manner ... This one is suggested by my kids so ... take it with a grain of salt but I think they have some point

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The issues are probably that the game has long periods of what is essentially "AFK Farming",  as the means of progression in the game. Usually directly related to acquiring new materials, enough of a material to build a ship or generating credit income. Spread this around as the core of the game and the relatively light action and the game is more of a spreadsheet numbers then it is a pewpew space game.

I'm not say whether its what you want to hear, but the current best solution is probably to have them play together, or play with you. Turn the engagement away from the game itself and towards playing and having fun together and it might help alleviate the issue. Alternatively you could take them to xanion/ogonite regions where the game has the most amount of action/fights, which is where the engagement/immersion for me truly begun.

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