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Invisible Gyro direction

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So, not really a game-breaking one, but certainly an annoying one. No logs will be provided as it is not a logged issue.

So, how the gyro block works in editor is, if you select it, it shows you that circle of arrows which signals in which orientation the gyro is currently placed at (that is, which way it will provide momentum). And that is awesome.

What is not awesome is that, if that gyro is covered by other blocks, you can not see that circle (unless the gyro is relatively large enough for the circle to be outside of other blocks). The 'bug' part is that thisĀ  occurs even when you filter your 'view' to only see gyro blocks - the silhouettes of other blocks on the ship still cover it up, so selecting a gyro that is 'inside' won't actually give you any information on which way it is currently oriented.

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