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Remove the Discord head admin

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TenguKnight, the Discord head admin mind you, silenced 3 people (myself included) over a "heated debate" that doesn't exist. The 3 of us were peacefully discussing block stacking in Discord when he suddenly demanded we be quiet to stop a debate. There was no debate. There weren't even conflicting views! He even later said that there was no debate! If that doesn't spell out how stupid, delusional, and abusive this person is, then I don't know what will. He also probed, verballly attacked and branded me, as some kind of DLC hater and mortal enemy because I simply informed a new player of the total cost of the game + the DLC. As if that action somehow translates in his dysfunctional brain: "He's a suspect... he must hate the DLC!" This guy has mental issues and should not be a Head Admin. Twice has he struggled to grip with reality and act professionally. He doesn't even change or learn, he just pretends it never happened and moves on as if that's ok. He never grows as a person because he can't. He even had the audacity to tell me he's open to feedback when he has ignored community feedback for months.

TenguKnight has repeatedly hallucinated non-existant opposition and problems, and has abused his power to "solve" them. This person is not mentally fit to be the admin of anything. He belongs in a Psychiatrist's office.

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