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New galaxy - how NOT to play the tutorial?

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Hi all,

I just started a new single player game and it more or less forces me to do the tutorial. How do I get out of that?

I have looked at the game settings in the main menu and at the pilot menu in game. Nowhere have I found a way to switch off the tutorial. When I delete the galaxy and create a new one, the choice for playing the tutorial or not is greyed out. 


There are players who are familiar enough with the game to start over without excessive hand-holding. Just let us do that without bothering us with a forced tutorial. If there is an option to get out of the tutorial, where can I find it???

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I keep a set of default config files that I place into an otherwise empty directory under .avorion/galaxies  to quickly generate a new game, namely modconfig.lua and server.ini; the only one that actually matters is





If you create a new game through the menu, you say the tutorial option is greyed out... my only idea would be to try and create a galaxy with a name you haven't used before and see if that helps, maybe there are some residual files left; not that I think there would be, but who knows.

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