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[SOLVED] Trouble Setting Up MP Server


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Hey guys,

This question must have been asked a thousand times before...

Trying to create a server so I can test my multiplayer mods on it, and I'm running into issues.

I'm on Windows, and followed all the Wiki steps. I forwarded the correct ports (27000 - UDP & TCP; 27003 - UDP; 27020 - UDP; 27021 - UDP -- and even tried forwarding all of them on both TCP and UDP), poked holes in my Firewall, set listed=true in the server.ini. Tried the --use-steam-networking 1 command line argument as well.

I can see it on the public server list if I log onto the game on the same machine it's running on, but can't see it if I log onto the game (on another Steam account) on a different computer.

If I try to direct connect through IP, it says the server is unreachable.

I do not have Antivirus blocking me or anything else, and I'm not running through a VPN.

I've pretty much exhausted all Google search results and I'm a bit at a loss.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,



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Hey there, just to follow up on this: after a suggestion by Ravenis on Discord, I've managed to get it working.

The solution was to add the --public 1 --listed 1 arguments to the startup script.

I would like to add how weird it is that the INI file had these arguments set to true already, and the CMD prompt and server log read-outs all said that "yes, we are public and listed", yet it appears to be lying about that unless you also specify it in the startup script itself.

A little arcane. But I have a working server now. Hope this helps someone else along the way.

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