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Weapons completely missing after installing Black Market DLC


Do you have similar issues?  

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Hi guys, i just wanted advise about a Fatal error: after i´ve bought and installed the Black Market DLC, i found out that suddenly nomore Weapons were available in the Game. Like, not a single weapon was accesible anymore. I´ve tried every single method that came into my mind, even un- and reinstalling the game, but it´s changed nothing. Also, if i trie to get Weapons via the cheat menu, i can´t squeeze a single one outta my game. even if try to Build ´em at the weapon Manufacturer, but that doesn´t work either. if i want to select ´weapon type´ it just shows an empty Bar without any information, not even an error Window occures. i have some mods (sth about 20) installed, but ivé also tried it with all of them Disabled an nothing chaged. i also searched in the Game Files, but i have no clue which File does configure which thing. I NEED HELP ASAP `CAUSE I REALLY LIKE THIS GAME BUT NOW I CAN`T PLAY IT PROPERLY!!!


And sorry for my bad Eglish i am from Germany 🙂

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I have no idea what might cause your issue; all I can say is turrets are working here with the DLC installed just he way they did before.
However, I haven't tested with a galaxy that was created before version 1.3, so maybe that's something to look into.

I do have a few mods installed, too, but maybe one of yours is incompatible with the Black Market DLC? Maybe try a clean install first...

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Mods causing the issue?
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