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Avorion Black Market DLC out now!

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We are super proud and happy to announce that the first Avorion expansion, the Black Market DLC, is now available on the Steam Store! There are many exciting new tasks and missions waiting for you, so look forward to the new hacking feature and discover hidden dealers to trade illegal and stolen goods on the black market! You can join a convoy on its expedition to the center of the galaxy, make new friends or decide to attack the explorers. Shipbuilders and battle-hardened veterans can also look forward to exciting new legendary weapons which they can use to go into battles or simply equip their favorite ship. 

All this and many more new features await you in the Black Market DLC, so don't lose any time and dive into new space adventures!



Special Thanks
We would like to thank our community members who have been diligently testing the beta version! With your support and feedback you have helped us a lot and we are happy that you are a part of Avorion!

Black Market Announcement.jpg

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