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Additional Camera Movement Axis?



Hi folks,

in "normal" mode, we can already adjust our camera to the right/left and up/down. How about also allowing us to move the camera forwards/backwards? No, this is not the same as zoom. Because even when zooming super close, you still are "behind" your ship an see its engines. I am talking about moving the camera in a way so you actually might not even see parts of your ship anymore.

And yes, this is kind of a "bridge block in disguise" suggestion. But hear me out: I've watched your Gamescom stream, I get why there's plenty of issues with an actualy bridge block. However, the system to adjust the camera is already in place. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that implies, that it might not be a lot of work to add the third movement axis. My idea is, that this would be the absolute MVP implementation of "kind of a bridge" and after it's in, just watch if and how the players use the feature. This would provide some insights in to how potentially there's a feasable way to actually implement a bridge block , at least proofs that it wouldn't work at all or maybe players are even content with the ability to adjust the camera axis.

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We NEED this. I was surprised that this was not a feature from the very start. To be able to move camera only in a 2D pattern in a 3D space, in A SPACE GAME. Very annoying.

Zoom is not the same as moving the camera. Zooming in is limited to the centerpoint of the camera, the same centerpoint that i cannot move in an Z axis.

I cannot imagine that it would be that hard to implement the Z axis for camera, i bet it already exists, but you cannot modify it. After all, we can move camera how we want when we design ships.

I always have a problem with engines burning my eyes and i cannot zoom past them.

If you add this, i suggest to bind by default the movement of camera Z axis to a mouse roll, to make it consistent with the movement of a mouse to left/right for X and up/down and for Y.

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