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[1.3b] Translation and PO.file errors


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Hacker haben Hackertools. Schwarze Hackertools.


-It's like German.


Initiate jump sequence. The next rendezvous point will be sector \\s(%1%:%2%).

Initiate jump sequence. Rendezvous in sector \\s(%1%:%2%).

Initiate jump sequence. The next location will be sector \\s(%1%:%2%).

Next jump will be in 60 seconds. The next location will be sector \\s(%1%:%2%).



There are two\\.

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Hello squire!

Many factions have now realized that only the power of our weapons can cleanse the galaxy of the pirates and Xsotan. The Empress has gained many loyal subjects. 
However, there are still many that refuse to listen to the voice of reason. They want to go to battle against us. Meet our scouts in sector (%1%:%2%). They will tell you our plans for battle.
We will show them that we are unbeatable on the battlefield! The remains of their fleets will be shared between every ship that fights with us.
Long live the Empress!

General Adriana Stahl


-Why, General?

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