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A collection of things I consider worth submitting to the community.

The first one is a suggestion for a prettier standard drone, the one you get at the start of the game. Steam workshop link. The black&yellow design is meant to resemble construction equipment. Flight performance is quite similar to the original drone. What I could not build is the extra small mining turret with a base of 0.1 x 0.1. AFAIK this is currently not possible with the in-game editor.

So if Boxelware wants to use this one they are welcome to do so. But the devs would have to add the turrets from the old drone themselves.


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Adding screenshot
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I guess the devs don't want the drones to become full-fledged warships ;-) 

But jokes aside, with certain limitations editing the drone would make sense. Such as

  • The drone has to fit in a box of 8x8x8 meters
  • You can only build with iron
  • You get only an iron engine with a volume of one cubic meter. That is actually what I used in my Steam workshop project. Thrusters are similarly limited.
  • You get to use the two mining turrets from the original drone, but no other weapons.

Also, at these sizes working with thrusters really needs some improvement. But that is a topic for another thread. Before I start that, I want to collect some more evidence for the problems I ran into.

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  • 2 weeks later...

New design: The Iron Angel.

A bit large for one's very first ship, but it should not take too long to get the ore and money with a makeshift flying brick. Then you can upgrade to this.


The Iron Angel is adequate for fighting weak pirate groups once you have upgraded the guns a bit. An integrity field generator helps to reduce damage and survive longer in a fight.

Edit 16.10.2020:

As suggested by Vis, I'm exchanging the screenshot for one that shows the stats. Stats removed from text of post.


Edited by Rabiator
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  • 8 months later...

A small starting ship, called the Lady Courageous. (Steam Workshop Link). This one is really meant as one's first ship. Except that you have to get Titanium build knowledge first.



Mine a few asteroids, one of them made of Titanium and you are good to go.

Updated version: Slightly enlarged crew quarters for Avorion 2.0

Edited by Rabiator
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  • 1 month later...

A slightly larger ship this time, the  Nice Try  (Steam Workshop Link).

The Nice Try is a five slot corvette that could be one's second ship. I'm still not quite satisfied with the design, hence the ship name. But she is nice enough to publish 😉.
1348319372_NiceTry.thumb.png.af3e41468f55adf9d72644199b7193bd.pngBuild cost:

94.052 Credits
3.878 Iron
14.906 Titanium

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