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4netplayers hosting

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i have to ask has anyone been using 4netplayers because iv had a server for 2 weeks with them, i moved from gtxgaming because these guys are ment to be the external partner so i figured they must be hosting some decent specs per galaxy... but i got to say im so disapointed, most of the support seams to be in german, iv posted requests for help in their 'avorion' chat and its just full of other people looking for help,email sent 12 hours ago, still no answers, apparently by default the server selection is on 12 months so now im stuck with that cost, but the server is garbage... it gets huge spikes evebn with 1 player in the server, its so fustrating to be paying for what feels like a server made out of 20 year old dell hand me downs


i regret ever moving my server gtx have done me well even when i had issues 5/10 mins top for the replys even during crazy hours of the night... i really think we need to rethink our 'external partner' because if other players go with them they will see the shocking server quality, which is not good for the community on a whole

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