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friendly ships killing each other

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  • Two of my ships started shooting at each other, one got destroyed by the other ship. Their navigation is alright as they continue to follow me, but their turrets are shooting at each other until one of them is dead (or me jumping into their command to stop the turrets from shooting at each other). Their response to damage is really high.

    Anything causing damage to the target they are escorting trigger a wild response from the turrets, even a collision damage between the two ships. I also noticed that ships (especially larger ones) tend to collide on each other when asked to move to a place or escort a target.


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug.

Simply ask 2 or more ship to escort a target, then wait for a battle to happen and have a friendly ship (AI faction included) to accidently shoot at the escort target. This will trigger the aggressive behavior from the turrets on the other ships and will then shoot at each other. At time ramming damage also trigger the aggressive behavior from the turrets.

  • Your client and server log. Follow the instructions below on where to find them on your system.

I have tempted to recreate the bug by having a fight with a pirate station, but this time my ships have attacked and destroyed a friendly AI faction, even after all enemy ships have been destroyed. I have saved a log and uploaded it.

  • Your system specs:
    • Windows 10
    • CPU Intel Core i5-9400f
    • GPU  Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660

clientlog 2020-09-19 12-14-34.txt

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Posted (edited)

I've been having the exact same issue, and it only ever occurs with my escort ships. As soon as the ships are given a move order, or literally anything the make them stop escorting you, the cease fire immediately. But as soon as you call them to escort you again (i.e. for a jump), they open fire on each other again. It's as if they each see the other as a threat to their escort target, despite them both protecting the same ship. I have lost a rather expensive combat destroyer to these civil wars, and I hate having to fly solo with no wingmen. 

IMO this could be fixed by not allowing ships to target other ships that belong to the same player/faction, under any circumstances.

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Yes, I have also lost some ships to this bug. I had 2 salvage ships breaking down some wreckage in a sector and I assigned a ship to escort one of the salvage ships just in case pirates show up in the sector. Then a few mins later with no pirates or any other enemies in the sector I get a message showing one of my ships had been destroyed. It was the other salvage ship.

This shouldn't be happening. Why are my own ships just turning on each other and killing each other? 😠

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