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High Server Load / Bad Ping w/ R-Mining, R-Salvaging

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In the late game, powerful R-mining and R-salvaging fighters cause great amounts of lag as ores and scrap metal spawn/de-spawn rapidly and in great quantities. 

Often, attempting to salvage a decently large ship, like Fidget (much less XWG), can cause high server load warnings AND a ping of around 50k-100k.  The game takes this desync like a champ, but the impact on play makes carrier miners/salvagers untenable unless you abstain from doing raw mining or salvaging. 

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Yeah - I have a number of strange performance problems running a 1 person server on localhost in Windows on a Ryzen 1600.

It's confusing and quite awful.

Glad you narrowed yours down.  
Seems like the fix is to create buckets of time when spawning stuff in a small area, and total up everything to be spawned into those buckets.  Then one big ores/scrap can be spawned instead of hundreds of tiny ones.

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