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Adding older versions of Avorion to the beta-selection tab in steam


With the new great update of the game a lot of players are having the returning problem of not being able to connect to servers that haven't been updated yet.
It may take a while for the mods to be updated as well so it occasionally happens that the playerbase is leaving the server for one that you actually can play on.

Adding  recent/older versions for users to select may help during the "transition phase".

I can see the problem of not giving the admins/modders a hard enough insentive to update which in return will hurt the gameplay experience long term but I also think this is outweighted by basically abandoning your game you spent the last weeks on. Because lets be honest, once you started somewhere else it's hard to return to an old galaxy.

I imagine this has been on the table in the past but haven't seen anything on the first couple of pages here.

Any thoughts?



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This is very much needed.  Servers with mods are very dependent on specific versions of the game.  We're already on version 1.4 now, but none of the manifests are available for 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3.  I was playing on a modded server yesterday and after the update today I can't join the server because some of the mods can't load, and even after editing configs the server is running 1.2 so I still can't play.

I would be all for keeping a manifest for the last update to each version number (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc.) to allow people to continue playing while their server and mods update.  Especially as in the future there will be more servers that won't update until they do a full wipe because of mods that are never updated.

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