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Ping problems for players


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What happened? Read below

What did you do to make it happen? Ran servers with people on them.

Since Q4 of last year ping issues of 30k+ ping has been hitting players hard. It got way worse when COVID-19 hit, it was almost impossible for most of the people to play resonably well. It got better now as I've attempted countless things to solve potential issues with it but nothing I try actually yields and permanent fixes.

All other services on our community's machine run fine - a 150 people Rust server ran without any lagspikes. This issue only exists on Avorion.
I have also seen many comments about newcomers and oldies that they have or have had ping issues on other servers as well. 

With 20-25 people online and after countless ideas of what might be up, we've come to a conclusion that whenever there is lot of going on in a sector for a player from AI side or w/e then that player has higher chance to start lagging. Server upload proves it, it kept jumping from 30mbit/s to 55 mbit/s upload while download was only 5-7mbit. Clearly shows something unusual is up with uploading from Avorion's side.

Yes, we also tried to run it on vanilla - still got ping issues. Logs do not show issues, router changes or other smaller attempts have kind of made it less worse but the issue still, almost as if it grows larger and larger at times.
Also tried changing all kinds of network rules, firewalls - nada.

I suppose dev team has nothing to do with this information, as its impossible to just "recreate" the issue. Leave it be but thats been our experience and all our attempts fixing it have failed which shows a likelyhood of a deeper vanilla game issue. What exactly? Beats me. Got to go to sleep now.


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