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Passenger Quarters ship block & ship type.


This could impact the galaxy's lore and layout of the galaxy a bit; in that it can help create a story.  A suggestion I have is that this block becomes available upon beginning your first "Free Slaves" quest, which I do not believe is common out in the Rim because of the huge diplomatic reward.  That said... it might imply that Boss Swocks & Bottan might participate in some very undesirable things. 

Iron:  Slave Quarters / Slave Transport / fits 4x as many people as normal Crew Quarters
Titanium:  Prisoner Quarters / Prisoner Transport / fits 2x as many people as normal Crew Quarters
Naonite:  (someone else's crew quarters) / Crew Transport / fits same number of people as Crew Quarters
Trinium:  Passenger Quarters / Passenger Ship / fits 1/2x as Crew Quarters
Xanion:  Merchant Quarters / Merchant Vessel / fits 1/4x as Crew Quarters
Oganite:  Luxury Quarters / Cruise Ship / fits 1/8x as Crew Quarters
Avorion:  Ambassador Quarters / No Diplomatic Immunity For You


Further detail on each material:
Iron:  The type of quarters rescued slaves are placed in could affect how much the faction rewards you upon completion.  Working with pirates you would be able to deliver slaves for them to other factions or ships; or find out where those slaves came from and return them home (betraying the pirates). 
Titanium:  Prisons might need to be a new station? 
Naonite:  Crew transports already exist - and NPCs (and player) could complete quests to re-crew station personnel after types of crew are depleted from the Hire Crew action.
Trinium:  Passengers may leave Habitats, Casinos and visit certain consumer goods factories (wine, coffee and chocolate factories come to mind), as well as biotopes and/or other types of leisure stations.
Xanion:  Merchants with these ships may carry other information that you might normally get; including statements about a good in high-demand but no supply or a local good that is in high supply or high demand.
Oganite:  Cruise ship quarters would involve scenic missions to sectors that might spawn with extra & and rare features and while the quests are high-paying, the planned routes set to a schedule.  Guarantees at least one sector on the route that will have some kind of a special feature (beyond the the norm), such as being a binary or trinary; remnants of a resource-rich planetoid (multiple big asteroids of a material plus many smaller resource asteroids form most of an entire cluster of spawned asteroids), inclusion of a periodic (and rare) comet that can be seen moving across the sector from afar (more distant than the in-sector planet), fabled ruins of a bygone faction, or other ideas. 
AvorionYou carry an Ambassador (and entourage) from one faction HQ to another.  If the Ambassador dies or is captuerd, the faction from which they came declares war on you and the faction who was going to receive the Ambassador loses 100k points of Diplomacy and potentially other harmful side effects.  This is the highest-paid gig; factions may declare or end wars on one another through these diplomatic proceedings or become allies with one another. 

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