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Add Hijackers & Assualt Carriers


In PvE servers and in single player, there appears to be almost no use for internal weapons systems or security personnel since the NPCs tend to blow everything up.  A way that this could change the dynamic is that factions & pirates that build with Trinium and above can deploy Hijackers and Assault Carriers to attempt to take over enemy ships and/or stations; including what is owned by the player.  To add, it would add some dynamism to the map, allowing factions to take over. 

For pirates, if they hijack a ship, they jump out with it as soon as they can.  For factions, if they take over a station, they get it up and running as quickly as they can.  As far as new content to add; these ships would be a type of "carrier" build but stocked with assault craft. 

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