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set "posture" (behaviour bias for my ships/captains)


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i would like to be able to set a few simple behaviours for my ships. possibly though the captain.


aggression: low-med-high. would determine if the ships tried harder to evade enemy shots or keep its own guns on target.

range: low-med-high. would determine if the ship would get as close as it can to get shots on target, or try to keep at maximum range of its guns.

self preservation: low-med-high. would determine when a ship tries to jump out of sector due to damage

seek repair: low-med-high. would determine if a ship simply accepted lost blocks, waits until im in sector to ask for repairs, or jump to the closest known/assigned repair dock. (would give more value to player owned repair docks.)

profile: scout/non combat-defend-engage. would determine if a ship boosts away from attackers(rather than sit still and be shot to bits.), hovers neartries to heal friendlies or goes off to engage enemies


anyone who played warzone2100 should have a good idea what im thinking about.

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