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Auto aliveSectorsPerPlayer setting for Multiplayer server


Be able to set aliveSectorsPerPlayer  to auto. so  it will calculate number of live sectors based on memory in server, and number of players. For example a Singleplayer server has aliveSectorsPerPlayer set to 500 by default, and a Multiplayer server set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to 5 as default.

For example, if only 2 players are on the server, and it has enough memory then it should auto set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to (500 / number of players) = 250.

Another option would be to set it based on max players on server, so a server with a max player setting of 20 would set (500 / 20) = 25.

The server I like to play on is set to 9, and most of the time there are no more  then 3 players a once logged in. half my mining ships are in non simulated sector and just show Zzz. If aliveSectorsPerPlayer was auto then they would be mining.

Thank you


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