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Guest ItsALittleBit

Game Mode - Warlord


Guest ItsALittleBit

Hello, I think Avorion needs a second game mode, especially for singleplayers. I call it "Warlord" and it's set in a smaller galaxy where the goal is tho search and destroy the citadel of one ore more warlords.

The galaxy could be half the size of the current galaxy. The materials can appear in any system but better materials and modules are less common (iron is everywhere, titan is rarer, and avorion is super rare). The enemys scale with you (depending on firepower and amount of ships, stations, ...), with these galaxy-settings one can fly everytime everywhere in the galaxy and build stations wherever he wants. Factions are much smaller and have a fixed strenght and expand much lesser. Now to the main-quest, the galaxy is getting terrorized by one or more warlords, and it is on you to find and destroy them, so you have to find informations of positions from outposts and stations (X and Y coordinates from shipwrecks of them or something). If you've enough informations from stations or you randomly found the citadel of a warlord the annihilation of the citadel is your last goal. But if you've destroyd enough outposts, stations and fleets in the galaxy the defender-army of the citadel getting weaker as well as the citadel by itself.

So to defeat the citadel you probably have to defeat it step by step, build your own empire, recruit enough allies, or if you're brave enough you build a huge ship that can defeat it all by itself.

Yeah, sure, it might be a total shitty idea but the current game or mode is a bit to linear - getting nearer and nearer the center and never going back to the outer edge, so there is pretty much useless space. Also the different materials have much more usage.


Thanks for listening.

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