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[Request] Server Restarter with /say Warnings.

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Manually restarting every day on Avorion to prevent a ram leak which bypasses our 32gb limit after 36 hours is proving to be a daily chore we could seriously do WITHOUT. Everytime we forget one restart, it eventually reaches 32gb, crashes, then we get complaints of stuff being lost (players even being rolled back several days! UNACCEPTABLE) and have to go around fixing all our players. This is a problem we shouldnt have to be dealing with, and is a massive, frustrating headache. We have jobs and other things to be doing irl rather than babysitting Avorions fragility and not being able to take our eyes off it for one single day.

I am requesting a mod, or (prefered) even an *official game feature* in which (not linux or ubuntu, WINDOWS) the server will begin announcing a restart after X time (configurable) before undergoing a /save , then a /stop.


OS: Windows 10  -  Server hosting software used: WindowsGSM  -  Accessed through DWservice

Our software will restart Avorion if it is detected as being down but there is no Restarter anywhere for Windows devices in order to make Avorion automatically save and stop.

We need a mod or solution to making Avorion restart automatically after a given period of time. With /say text warnings.

Why after all these years, do we not have a basic restarter.

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