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logistic center


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A new station that connects all factories within a sector with cargo ships/long range transporter. This would work as an alternative to cargo shuttle and allow factories to share common ingredients. Also, this could be beneficial for game performance since a few cargo ships could replace a large fleet of cargo shuttle, even move the entire logistic network to the background if transporter is used. Then, the PC/server doesn't have to render all those traffic, giving player much better experience(higher frame rate/more space for multiplayer).

Maybe this function could be implemented into trading post, so that the trading post(an additional tab in player's trading post) could handle all import/export of local factories.

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Guest Speedy

This suggestion as a base has merit for it. It'd remove micromanagement from a single sector with a supply chain.

I would further this idea tbh.

A logistic center that affects X amount of stations attached to it  no matter where they are.(Amount depends on level of the station). Player can then attach freighters to this logistic center. These freighters will then supply these stations automatically without player involvement. So say you have Medical Supplies factory and you've got all the stations it require. Zinc, Water, Corn (example), Carbon, Gas extractor (2 of them) etc. Each of these would be assigned for the logistic center and this logistic center will spot stations that lack goods and will assign a assigned ship to transport the necessary goods to stations that lack them. It'd remove micromanagement. Since we already have a Trade Post station, this could act as this logistic center as well.

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