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Story, Tutorial & Galaxy Map Improvements!

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Hi everyone! Long time no update! Sadly, gaming studios like us didn’t get spared from the corona crisis either and we had to realize that work gets done a lot slower at home office than at our official offices. But nevertheless, we’ve been steadily working on the game and we’ve got a new update ready for you!

In this update, we're mainly improving the tutorial and story. Additionally, we also have some performance updates for you, so let’s dive right into it!

Updated Tutorial
The tutorial originally dates back to the year 2017, when we first released Avorion into Early Access on Steam. The game has been updated a lot since then and the tutorial was in dire need of an update to reflect the current state of the game better. So we completely revamped it to offer an updated introduction into the game. It explains more things like adding upgrades to your ship, building turrets, and that getting your ship blown up is also a part of the game. We also shortened some other parts, like looking around and steering the ship, which doesn’t usually need lengthy explanations. 

Story Improvements
The loose story of Avorion tends to have people lost at some point and searching for clues in forums and the Wiki. While we do think that a mainly-intended-as-a-sandbox game’s story should not hold hands too much, we don’t think that requiring players to regularly look for clues outside of the game is the way to go. We’ve added tons of inter-missions (get it, haha..? okay, sorry.) to aid you gathering the parts required to cross the barrier. 

Galaxy Map
The galaxy map has received a major update as well! Ships are now listed on the right side and can be commanded more easily, without the hassle of sometimes clicking on sectors and sometimes on other ship portraits. It’ll also help you see where ships/stations are stationed (last one, promise).  

We added Chinese (Simplified), Spanish and Russian as officially supported languages!

Performance Optimizations and Logging
We also improved performance on the client and servers (mainly for large servers) and we added some tools that will help us identify performance bottlenecks in the future. Particles are now less performance-hungry and we’ve fixed some crashes related to particle systems.
So things are looking up if you’ve been experiencing poor performance! Just keep in mind that Avorion was never designed as an MMO (and never will be) and hosting servers for dozens of people at the same time is still a challenge (which we intend to overcome though!). 

Other changes
There are tons of other changes in many areas, like bug fixes, UI improvements, better station founding (use a station design of the faction you bought the founder ship from), visual updates to loot and wreckages, and many more! To get a complete overview, check out the complete patch notes here: 


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Exactly what do you mean by "Optional Ingredients now double factory speed when used in production?"  Because I've been testing it and none of the player based factories actually have "optional" materials to work with.  


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