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I’m confused as to how to set up a dedicated server...


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I’ve port forwarded my router and followed everything on the wiki (https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Setting_up_a_server), but it doesn’t show up on the server browser list. It just has me confused and I can only see it through the LAN screen. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the host, but I would appreciate someone could elaborate as to what it is I am doing wrong or how to properly set up a server. I am willing to provide more questions and clarifications if need be. Thanks!

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I'm having exactly the same problem. Running on Windows, followed all the Wiki steps. Forwarded the correct ports, poked holes in my Firewall, set listed=true in the server.ini. Tried the --use-steam-networking 1 command line argument as well. I can see it on the public server list if I log onto the game on the same machine it's running on, but can't see it if I log onto the game (on another Steam account) on a different computer.

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