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Help us fix Performance Issues

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Hello everyone,

during the past weeks, we have received reports about performance issues by some players. We’d like to address these issues ASAP, but for that, we need your help! We cannot reproduce these problems on our machines, so we need some performance benchmarks from you.

We rely on your help to find those issues. If you want to help us, then update your game to version 1.1.* (which is currently on the beta branch) and use the /status and /profile commands when your server performance goes awry. (Once the beta goes to default you can just use the commands directly without switching to beta.)

It will save anonymous benchmark data that help us identify performance bottlenecks that you experience, and that we cannot reproduce on our machines. This is how the commands work:

/status: In order for this command to work, you have to enable profiling=true in your server.ini file; otherwise, it won’t do very much. It will save a performance benchmark of the past 30 seconds to a file. Use this when performance was bad and you want to save the reasons why.

/profile: This enables profiling=true for 30 seconds and then records a performance benchmark during those 30 seconds. It will then save the data to a file.

To help us, please send the saved benchmark files to contact@boxelware.de.

This would help us tremendously. Thanks in advance! 🙂 

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