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Difficulty options rework



In addition to the current static and linear system of raising difficulty, I'd like to see more varied difficulty options to fit specific tastes that can't be met with the current system. Enemy damage scaling, starting resources, default faction standings, loot, hardcore mode and the point where blocks can break off in combat should all be modifiable stats of their own when creating a galaxy.

For example: I'd like to play on insane difficulty but get starting resources and not have my blocks break off when I still have shield left.

Here is a rough idea for the UI.


Edited by TenguKnight
Added scetch for the UI
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I prefer having a option to scale, instead of a general difficulty.

Maybe a, scaling bar for HP/Shield/DMG multiplier? An option check/uncheck for perma-death and destruction of items. A scaling bar for enemies count, and NPC/Allies count. And an option to personally adjust the damage for blocks to be destroyed.


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yes. i would like to see sliders added to;

**increase the scale size and power of npc's, 

**expand the radius at which dangerous ships like dreadnoughts appear

** toggle alien/pirate raids against my ships, not just me

**lock some factions to hostile diplomacy

**enforce alliance status, so i cant be allied with 2 warring factions.

**ensure hostile reinforcement fleets match my combat force in some way, so im not steam rolling them

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An nice addition would be a toggle able repairtoken box for every difficulty.

For me i would like to play (on servers) with max difficulty (insane (+++)) without fearing losing everything because of possible PVP engagings or other sheningangs like breaking my nose on a side of a gate with 20.000 m/s.

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