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Beta Branch Patch 1.1 - Patchnotes

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Update 1.1


Date: June 3rd, 2020


Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.


This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):

Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.




"In this update, we greatly improved the basic tutorial. It is now much more streamlined with less text to read and more to do. Wherever possible the new tutorial now features interactive sequences."

  • Added new Tutorial parts that explain missions, fighting and ship destruction (and reconstruction)
  • The Tutorial can now only be played in Singleplayer - set the checkbox to true while creating a new galaxy if you want to play it!
  • Player now starts Tutorial with a ship fully equipped to play
  • New missions that follow on from the tutorial to explain more advanced game mechanics



"The Story in Avorion has always been rather a loose thread than a real story. With this update, we introduce a more streamlined approach that helps players to find and complete all story missions."

  • Greatly streamlined the story missions with more subsequent missions
  • Added additional "guide" mission for story missions
  • Added shortened version of credits that is played when the story is completed

Galaxy Map


"We completely reworked the UI for commanding ships over the galaxy map. Enjoy!"

  • Reworked the UI for commanding ships over the galaxy map
  • Ships are now listed on the right of the map
  • Routes of ships through gates and wormholes now have different colors
  • Fixed several issues when rendering routes and icons on the Galaxy Map


  • When founding a station, the style of the faction it was bought from can be used to create a plan for it
  • Camera settings of different ships are now remembered
  • Military ships of AI factions now respawn
  • Alliance privileges are now checked when transferring content between ships
  • Repair docks can now also restore ships for a player's alliance and vice versa
  • Fixed persecutors not spawning correctly in sectors without players but with player ships
  • Optional ingredients now double production speed of factories when used in production


  • Improved UI of trading upgrade
  • Squads in Hangar tab can now be moved around by Drag n Drop
  • Added text boxes for exact values to several sliders
  • Hire Crew UI now shows your current crew
  • FPS limiter combo box is now disabled when vsync is on
  • Display refresh rate can now be configured when using fullscreen
  • Added combo box to select the display to graphics settings
  • Common resolutions are now made available in windowed mode for convenience
  • Added a confirmation message box when disbanding an alliance
  • Added scrollbar to cargo tab
  • Alliance emblems are now shown in diplomacy tab
  • Added a bar to show how much cargo is on the ship
  • Fighters tab in Equipment Dock is hidden when player is outside Trinium regions and his ship doesn't have a hangar
  • Illegal, dangerous, stolen or suspicious trading goods now have a different color in the sales UI
  • Added tooltips for optional ingredients in factory config UI and what they do



"We added localization for Chinese (Simplified), Russian, and Spanish. Additionally, we improved the performance of several particle systems and fixed a few crashes related to those."

  • Improved performance of thruster particle effects
  • Added first official support for Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish
    • Some texts are still missing but will be added over the next weeks

    [*]Improved performance of loot & wreckage particles

    • Particles are now no longer spawned when they would be too far away

    [*]Cargo loot changes size depending on the amount of cargo

    [*]Loot packets that float around now merge together over time to improve performance

    [*]Improved visibility of rare turrets and upgrades floating around as loot



"In order to make administrating a (community) server a little easier, we added logging about which resources are being exchanged between players."

  • Added a "script-threads" command-line argument
  • Improved logging of servers
  • Servers log when players enter the galaxy center for the first time
  • Server now logs the items and resources (not text) sent within mails
  • Server now logs when a ship from a disbanded alliance was claimed by a player
  • Server now logs boarding of ships
  • Server now logs alliance vault transactions, and other actions like joining, founding, disbanding, etc.
  • Server now logs which items and resources are exchanged in a player trade
  • Added option -t to /playerinfo command which prints last online time and total playtime of all players
  • Added option -p to /playerinfo command to display resources and other info of players
  • Added a /profile command that records a profiling benchmark for the next 30 seconds and then saves it to a file
    • Use this if your server/game has bad performance or lags and you want to help us fix it. You can send us the file alongside an explanation as to what happened.

Profiling & Performance


"In order to fix some very annoying performance issues, we revamped our diagnostics system to a more centralized approach. You can help us greatly by using these easy-to-use tools and sending us the collected data!"

  • Refactored profiling to find performance issues more reliably
  • Client: Press F10 to save performance stats of the past ~30 seconds to a file
    • Use this when you got consistent FPS problems

    [*]Server: Type /status to save performance stats of the last ~30 seconds to a file

    • Important: Set profiling=true in your server.ini for this to work

    [*]Server: New /profile command that records a profiling benchmark for the next 30 seconds and then saves it to a file

    • Use this if your server / game has bad performance or lags

Scripting API

  • Added AllianceEmblem class
  • Added a onSectorArrivalConfirmed callback when the client finished loading a sector
  • When a player enters the center of the galaxy for the first time, a value visited_center is set
  • Added a fullLogId property to players that prints a string fully identifying the player
  • Added fullLogId to client Player, client Alliance, Faction, Player, Alliance
  • Added a tagDescription property to TradingGood
  • Added a color property to TradingGood
  • Adjusted Y sizes of labels that are created with only a vec2 and not a Rect



"Bugfixes marked with [uBR] are user bug reports. Thanks to everyone who reported! You can report bugs from within the game in the pause menu."

  • Fixed several issues in scripts
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where turret designs could get lost when merging blocks
  • Fixed an issue where the rotation arrows of the turret brush pointed in the wrong direction
  • Credits can no longer be scrolled back infinitely
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where fighter orders weren't applied when leaving a sector without them and then returning
  • Fixed several issues where turrets could be placed on blocks where they shouldn't be placed
  • Fixed an issue where turrets could get duplicated
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where the ship name could protrude from its texture
  • Fixed an issue where transform mode was disabled when clicking the block button or pressing its keyboard shortcut
  • [uBR] Exodus mission corner sectors can now be found even if the mission is not active
  • Fixed several issues with translations
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where flat corner blocks couldn't be placed back-to-back
  • [uBR] Dangerous transformations to holo blocks are now prevented
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where width and height were swapped in craft stats
  • Fixed an issue where the "You need X, Y, Z resources" message could contain negative values
  • Fixed an issue with refreshing the servers list
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where collecting cargo could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where "loot collected" sound effect would sometimes be played when loot despawns
  • [uBR] Block brush: Fixed an issue where the block size was messed up when rotating in voxel grid mode
  • Fixed a crash when lots of particles could be seen on screen
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where no traders could spawn at first when founding a new station
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where trading overview upgrade could display wrong values for the first sector after first relog
    • Also fixes the "sell price: error getting supply demand factor: 3" error message spam (which was not critical)

    [*]Fixed an issue where AI factions would rebuild the wrong factories after they were destroyed

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