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Better salesman, automated hauler



I started playing with mines and factories. It's A LOT of work and planification to get even some basic factory to work together in a same sector. 


My main issue if when I need to transfer goods from mines located in a different sector than my factory. 

I tried the following:


Got a mine in sector 1

Got a factory who need goods from the mine in sector 2

Set a hauler ship to "buy" 500 goods from mine in sector 1

Then jump to sector 2

Then "sell" to sector 2 until 0

Then jump back to sector 1



The problem is if the factory won't "buy" the good from the hauler, the hauler will end up in error: no one to sell good or something like that, and the loop get stuck instead of skipping to the next step.


Also, similar to this, setting up a trade route with a hauler:


I tried this

Factory in sector 1

potential buyers for goods in sectors 2, 3 and 4.


Set hauler to "buy" 5000 (or whatever number ) from sector 1

Then jump to sector 2

Then sell goods until 0

Then warp to sector 3

Then sell goods until 0

Then warp to sector 4

Then warp back to sector 1



Same problem here, if sector 1 won't buy the good, the loop get stuck instead of skipping to next step.


Last suggestion

Once the loop logic is fixed, a SELL ALL command would be awesome...

Fill up a freighter with all sort of goods, then have the option to queue up SELL ALL in a bunch of sectors.


Right now, haulers requires insane micromanagement



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