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detailed bonus for having 130% crew


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I couldn't find detailed information on the impact of having level 3 crew for every type of crew.


As per the wiki:

They start with a workforce of 1.5 on level 1 which increases by 0.5 for each level gained


What else?


Mechanics repair ship hull faster (up to 130%) 

Engineers I think add more speed and acceleration (up to 130% as well) Not sure about shield, yaw/pitch/roll, and other stats.


What about the others? Do they gives anything special? 


How about pilots? I think it's 1:1 for each fighter no matter the level, so what is the benefit of pilot rank 3?




Captain? (some AI improvement on captain lvl 3 would be sweet lol)



Just found this is a patch note from 2017:

Fighters now dodge shots whenever they would be hit

Every fighter has 3 dodges per minute and 1 for every professionality level of their pilot

When a fighter dodges, it becomes invulnerable to shots for 1 second

When all dodges are used up, fighters have a 30% chance (+10% per pilot level, max 50%) of dodging shots

Fighters do sick loops and barrel rolls when they dodge a shot

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