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Avorion Stations


There once were stations made entirely out of Avorion. They are shown in the random pictures while loading screens or the main menu but not found in the game anymore. Either their spawns are tied to a higher difficulty or they have been completely removed.

I have tried finding information about this topic, but nobody talks about it.


No, I dont think they make farming Avorion too easy, because

-They used to be defended high tier battleships.

-Destroying stations with 50 Mil+ Shield and Hull requires either lots of patience or very good weapons. And dont forget Headhunter-Xsotan-Pirate-Encounters.

-Harvesting the station wreckages took forever with ogonite - in fact so long that the wreckage despawns before its fully salvaged, so avorion salvaging is the only option.


There have been many updates containing balancing, new enemies, weapons which would make Avorion stations viable again. In my opinion, they should be brought back.

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