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Singleplayer - Server.ini resets

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I came back to Avorion after some time and I still love it.


The problem:

I am spending most of my play time in the inventory and at research stations because my inventory is constantly at max. The easieset solution should be to change the server.ini. After changing the limit and running the game nothing happened - even worse - the collision damage is now active and the difficulty has changed. The seed is also empty. I'm assuming it resets itself to the values as if you start a new galaxy.

I tried setting the file as read-only, but the game does not care and changes it back anyways.

Also tried keeping the file opened while running the game.


What do I have to do to make it work as intended as so many people suggest?

Is there a setting I have to change in Steam?

Maybe theres an admin command to increase inventory size


If you're a dev:

Why not add a slider for Singleplayer-Inventory-Size in the Options? Maybe in an "advanced options" register when creating a new galaxy



Thanks for taking your time and helping

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