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Using Supply/Demand to determine production?


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I understand the relationship between supply, demand, and price. What I want to know is if/how the numbers listed for supply and demand for a good/product relate to a number of units per time that will be bought by NPCs. For example, say I have a factory making widgets. If demand is 100 and supply is 25, does this mean that NPC freighters will buy (for example) an average of 75 widgets per hour?


I ask because when I have a factory in a sector I want to know how many upgrades to put on it so that it will meet demand but not end up with a big overstock that I'm stuck with and wasting money. Since you can't reverse an upgrade if you put too many, and you are losing potential profit if you put too few, it would be super useful to be able to figure this out as you're setting up a factory.

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Frequency of visiting merchants and their cargo capacity does not have a stable scaling, so there's no reliable way to predict how well you'll align to circulation.  Also, the frequency of visiting ships depends neither on supply nor demand - it depends on the price multiplier set on your facility. Higher multiplier means you'll sell goods higher (on top of what demand/offer defines as the base regional value), but fever merchants will come over for the offer.


Either way, you'll have to first observe whether the station runs dry and then upgrade it or change the price multiplier based on these observations.

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