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4/27 Start [USWEST][CorePvP][24/7][QoLMods]LAND OF ZZTT

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Looking for a server? Really want a US West one?

Check out Land of ZZTT: https://discord.gg/3ErURNj


Come join us!

[uSWEST][CorePvP][24/7][QoLMods]LAND OF ZZTT

Started on 4/27


- 10 Active Sectors

- PvP with Neutral Zones in Core  - build inside at own risk

- Insane difficulty

- Safe Zone outside core


- Launchers/Cannon other weapons rebalanced. (launchers arent useless/dont lag the game/lasers dont suck)


- 360 Fighter Limit per player per sector (4 full carriers) will be adjusted lower if needed for lag.

            - Launchers and fighters are the 2 leading causes of lag and server instability, limit necessary until there are more patches.

- Daily server reboot if needed for stability at 9am/9pm PST


-General goal is to run a stable server while allowing players a decent amount of multisectors


-Player count/max players will be scaled as needed and as server grows

-Mining/Salvaging Lasers have more range.

-Equipment docks have more items

-Systems added to make hull tanking viable

-Independent targetting systems do not penalize damage


Current Mod List: (nothing too crazy, missing a few additions)


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