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Welcome To Are Server

We Are The TheBlueObelisk were here for the long term no wipe me and my mate made this upgraded server so there will be lag free we want a nice happy Server and here for a long time so come on the server build up have fun and lets pvp

|P v p|

|No wipe|

|Nitrado Pro Upgrade|

|50 Player Slots|

|No Lag|


|IP| ||

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Hello! Good to know someone wants to start a PvP server!


There are a few issues with PvP that you should know about and think about solutions to them on your server:


1. It's easy to get a lot of shield HP (and hull HP in case of stations), but very hard to get a lot of damage. So it can take very long to destroy player ships.


2. There is no reward for defeating player ships (maybe there is when you board them, I don't know)


3. It is very easy to escape from a fight


4. It is not possible to find other players'/alliances' ships, other than stumbling upon them by chance or mutually agreeing to fight in a certain sector.


5. Turrets are very random and unbalanced and often the player who got more lucky and found a better turret always wins.  Looking for good turrets is an extremely time consuming, tedious process (some players have reported building tens of turret factories to find good turrets for PvP).


Please think about these if you want to have meaningful PvP. I'm sure you can find a way to solve these. You can also have a look at "The Void, Alliance Wars" server (https://discord.gg/vcsnV6q) and see the rules there, to compare with your ideas.

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