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The BASE V1 - Highly modifyable Asteroid Base

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This is my very first Avorion Workshop upload !


The BASE V1 features 8 Slots and is built to be easily upgraded to suit your needs.


To do this, switch to "View" and show either "Titanium" + "Framework", then you can transform the 20*20*20 Framework blocks. Those are meant to be converted to Cargohold, so you can have up to ~7 times mor cargo storage.

There ar also lots of 10*10*2 Framework-"Slabs" waiting to be converted to whatever you might need, like generator, more Crew space etc.


If you were in need of really big chunks to convert, view "Naonite" + "Framework", which will give you another 5 20*20*20 sized chunks to transform based on your needs.




Credits 2.417.946

Iron 376.778

Titanium 197.740

Naonite 30.005

Trinium 8.740


Pictures :









Workshoplink :


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Thank you very much !


If you ever downloaded it, note the two elevator shafts, you can actually fly into there with the player drone  ;D


My goal was to build an asteroid base which looks like it was worked on, which I guess I did -proudly patting my shoulder-  ::)

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I had missed the elevator shaft ... what a cool idea ...  :o


I have been thinking to build something similar, but have not yet had a chance to focus on the "Economic" part of my game.

Your design is great, in my opinion, because it uses Iron and Titanium - which would otherwise be useless.


My of my design efforts have been on building optimized fighting ships and freighters.


I look forward to your further postings.


Cheers  :)

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I have made a very similar design with my asteroid bases. But I made the buildings with hull blocks to have all the windows and just put lights on all the edges of the buildings.

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