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questions about the gattling railgun mod

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so I have some questions about the railgun mod the dev uses as an example.  found here: https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Mod_Example:_Weapon


in the turretgenerator.lua file there is a command TurretGenerator.scale(rand, result, WeaponType.GattlingRailGun, tech, 0.75).

what is that 0.75? is scale "the size in blox" or is it the slot size? if there is a command to change the slot size in this mod example, where is it?

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The slot and scale of the turret are managed by "scales [WeaponType.GatlingRailGun]".

The sample mod specifies to use the parameters of the vanilla rail gun.


scales [WeaponType.GatlingRailGun] = scales [WeaponType.RailGun]


If you want to specify the original slot and size, you need to specify it.


scales [WeaponType.GatlingRailGun] = {

{from = 0, to = 28, size = 1.5, usedSlots = 3},

{from = 29, to = 38, size = 2.0, usedSlots = 4},

{from = 39, to = 49, size = 3.0, usedSlots = 5},

--dummy for cooaxial, add1 to size and level

{from = 50, to = 52, size = 3.5, usedSlots = 6},

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