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Can't load game because I'm currently in a scrapyard

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Is there any way to change where my ship loads? My PC is several years old and has trouble playing the game. It regularly crashes when there are complex sectors to be rendered - scrapyards, Xsotan infested areas that have station wrecks, etc.


Currently I'm trying to load into a scrapyard and the game is just locking up. I have 175 hours in this save game and I started it because I tried to restore a previous game that I had over 200 hours in but had to abandon because I tried to restore a save. I'm really getting discouraged by the frequent crashes and lack of anyone seeming to know what they're talking about. I lurk a lot and there seems to be far more unanswered questions and hardly anyone that knows what they're talking about answering.


I know I need a new PC but ffs, I just want to keep playing until then. How do I switch the sector I load into, please? Anyone?

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I don’t think you can.


Your graphics settings... have you tried turning them down to absolute minimum?  Even try window mode with a smaller resolution?


Also maybe try deleting your sector files for that save in case that one is just corrupt.  If you’re using any mods, turn them all off (I’ve seen people with a similar issue, although in asteroid fields, from using mods that increased the quantity of asteroids. If you’re using mods, it’s possible something similar may have happened for you).

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